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Mec was born on 1st November 2009 as a result of a dream: the dream of 14 people with a long and solid experience and their know-how in the metallurgic sector and specially in the mechanising sector.

After the closing of Talleres Socar in 2009, a company that had become a clear reference in the sector for more than 30 years, a group of workers decided to give shape to a dream.

From a new perspective and business industrial project, that dream consited on taking advantage of the experience gathered during all those years offering and improving a good service where they had participated and had been responsible for. What are actually the companies but the people who take part of them?

Thanks to the help of public and private institutions, which we are grateful to, that dream could materialized in a record time and Mec 2010 started to work in less than six months.

The workers' know-how together with a correct management control leaded to the consolidation of Mec 2010 as one of the leader companies in its sector, with an optimistic future perspectives despite the delicate moment that all the sectors are going through in the present.


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