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Mec 2010 was set up as a SCCL in November 2009. It facilities consist of more than 1,000 m2 and  top technical means. It is formed by a team of 14 experienced workers. Since its formation, the company has adopted an attitude as a leader company in the mechanising sector in the province of Barcelona.

Mec 2010 covers all the needs of mechanising that your company may require, going from a great dimension mechanising where our company is one of the few that offers this service, to the little precise mechanising. Our technical and human means allow us to specialized in the work of unique parts, short series and prototypes. Thanks to this specialization we can offer entire solutions from the beginning of your project to the final delivery of your product.

We offer all types of services with the maximum standards of quality to a great diversity of industrial sectors including the Aeronautical sector.

Our Technical Office collaborates closely with our production department  and works hardly with the engineering and project department of any company to provide an appropiate solution to all your needs in the mechanising process.

Mec 2010 offers an entire service that meets your demands, from the mechanising to the final assembly of prototypes and patterns, if necessary. To manage that, we have a highly experienced human team.

In the same way, Mec 2010 works and collaborates closely with a wide range of suppliers that are in charge of the last finish. Due to that, we can apply to the parts any treatment or finish that the customer requires, both thermic or superficial. We are aware that we take part of your project, that is the reason why for Mec 2010 it is a priority to respect the agreed delivery time and the final quality of the product.

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